Seekers Kudos Men’s Luxury Sterling Silver Bracelet


When you wear the Seekers Kudos Men’s Luxury Bracelet,  a man wants to create something, he does it from a place that is much deeper than his own mind and creativity.

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Seekers Kudos Men's Luxury Sterling Silver Bracelet

Seekers Kudos Silver Bracelet were made for occasions in which imagination and intelligent thinking are on display.  Not being able to resist an intellectual challenge, having a plan for everything and being thirsty for knowledge and having a creative and inventive soul, isn’t enough. Occasions in which audacity and an iron will, being a seeker of new paths or the creator of new ones, isn’t everything.

Sometimes, when a man creates something, he does it from a place that is much deeper than his own mind, thinking, or creativity. He is in harmony with everything surrounding him and it is almost as if what he creates didn’t need any effort, he only goes with the flow and it simply happens. Just like a blade of grass that without any effort emerges from the land. It simply happens.

In those moments, a man is pure creation and the result is art, magic, beauty. It is not created by a single man, but by all of us. The universe keeps a place for us to achieve its perfect beauty in that very instant.

Here we have a jewel unique in its kind. Curvy edges and winding elegance. With inexplicable brightness and perfect poise. Incomparable consistency and bearing. Embellish your wrist as never before.

11mm high polished solid 925 sterling silver links with a top grade natural cabochon

All our stones are chosen by hand to satisfy AAA quality standards. They are natural stones and their size and color can vary slightly.

You can choose between various stone finished models and between different models of central pieces like tiger eye, snake eye, onyx or lapis lazuli

Watch the above video to measure your wrist using a string and a ruler.

Compare the measurement to the chart and choose the bracelet size that corresponds to the measurement.

Tiger Eye GemstoneTiger Eye Stone

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows

Willpower and Courage

This gemstone of bravery and inspiration will help you excel in everything you do. The joint energy of the sun and the earthGolden and Brown Tiger's Eye brings Spiritual energy down to Earth, while keeping you focused here on the ground. It offers a situation of light and hope, and gives insight into problems. Known as a protective stone, especially for travelers, the Golden Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity

The power to focus the mind

Fear can often pose a challenge to our success. It can trap you in your place and take control of your life. The Tiger's Eye Crystal can turn these negative emotions into bravery and self-confidence. This helps you change your focus, so that even in moments of uncertainty you can see the path forward.


When you need to enhance your creative energy, or when dealing with issues involving strength, will, control, and/or focus, you can bring Tiger Eye into your pocket. It can provide balance for those suffering extremes. Particularly useful for treating psychosomatic disorders, in order to relieve fear and anxiety. Useful for recognizing one's own needs in comparison to others ' needs. Tiger Eye stabilizes mood swings by calming yin-yang and energizing the emotional body, imbuing us with determination, intent, bravery and self-confidence, and releasing tension.

Onyx GemstoneBlack Onyx


Fosters wise decision making

Black Onyx, a strong defensive stone, absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps prevent the drain of personal energy. It helps develop emotional and physical strength and endurance, particularly when support is required in times of stress, frustration or grief. Encourages cautious decision making.

Promotes determination and self-control

This gemstone gives energy. It inspirit vigour, determination and stamina. Gives confidence in yourself and allows you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx banishes sorrow, increases self-control and boosts the strength of wise decision taking. This encourages good fortune and joy. Black Onyx treats bone, bone marrow and blood disorders. It is good for the teeth and the feet.

Control your own future

Is beautiful to meditate on and dream about. When using Black Onyx for any of these reasons, it is suggested to use a secondary earth contact stone in conjunction with Onyx. It helps one become a master of his own future.

Lapis Lazuli GemstoneLapis Lazui Gemstone

Encourages creativity

It is a gemstone of visionary awareness, bringing new knowledge to the mind in images rather than words. Increase imaginative perception, bringing in images, rather than words, new information to mind. When used with conscious intent Lapis lazuli activates the intuitive senses. This is a strong stone to help you remember your dreams and to encourage clarity during your dreams

Intuition and self-confidence

A defensive stone that can be worn to defend against psychological attacks, Lapis Lazuli is easy to relieve stress, bringing deep peace. It gives peace and a deep inner awareness of oneself. Encourages self-confidence, permits self-expression and exposes inner reality

Great health properties

Lapis Lazuli strengthens the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, refrigerates and soothes inflammatory areas. It alleviates sleeplessness and vertigo, and overcomes depression. Lapis Lazuli supports the respiratory and nervous systems as well as the lungs, vocal cords and thyroid, detox liver and bone marrow.


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