Manufacturer’s Review: Goldia Jewelry

Goldia Jewelry

A team of experts launched Goldia Jewelry in 2006 with many years of experience in the jewelry industry. "We have a simple goal of providing the best online jewelry shopping experience for their customers".

They can bring fine jewelry to the public at exceptional prices by controlling the sourcing, manufacturing, and product distribution.  They have raised the quality bar on the competition. has offices at the heart of New York Diamond District. This allows them to immediate access some of the best resources in the jewelry industry.

Goldia Jewelry Mission Statement

Goldia Jewelry mission is to provide extraordinary value, exceptional quality, and unmatched service.  Similarly they offer the widest diamond jewelry selection available to its customers.

Best Possible Value

Goldia offers you the finest certified diamonds and jewelry at an exceptional value. They develop and use the latest technologies in software systems. As a result they allow us to pass along this savings to our customers. Here's how we do it:

  • Unlike retail or other online stores, Goldia has direct online access (b2b), to the largest jewelry manufacturers in the USA. Essentially, this allows Goldia the ability to offer it's products at or below factory direct prices.
  • Goldia further reduces it operation costs by keeping "zero inventory". Most of our models are built to order and they get delivered as quickly as possible within 5 days.

The Highest Quality

Goldia takes great pride in the quality and workmanship of all their products.
They impose strict quality control guidelines with all of our manufacturers and diamond suppliers. All of their items are subject to the following quality control checks:

  1. Each piece of jewelry casting is examined for cracks, porosity or other defects.
  2. Similarly, all hand picked diamonds are double checked for exactness of size, clarity and shape.
  3. Before and after polish each finished piece of jewelry passes quality checks .
  4. Final examination is performed by a Goldia Gold & Diamonds expert jeweler before the item is shipped.

In conclusion, Men's Luxury Bracelets are so confident about the quality of Goldia Bracelets that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows our customers the peace of mind to make the correct choice.

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