Manufacturer’s Review: Davis Hatcher


Davis Hatcher

Davis Hatcher made his first cuff bracelet almost by accident. Spurred by an inquiry from his brother if he could make him a bracelet out of  “some kind of metal” for Christmas. At the time, he built electric guitars at home and spent countless hours in a machine shop inventing his ideas into objects. He almost just got his brother a gift card. After that, what at the time appeared an insignificant moment: sitting prone and hammering some twisted crude steel and copper wire on the sidewalk, became a doorway into an unexplored world. Inside waited unseen design at last ready for the jewelry world.

Through the manipulation and forging of thousands of feet of niobium, gold, and silver Davis Hatcher developed his own visual vocabulary. Each new piece was the source of excitement and connection for family, friends, and the designer. Above all, the connections continue to grow as his art makes its way around the world. I believe his work enters into the lives of others to explore, each taking a part of the designers story.


Davis Hatcher Black Niobium and 18k Gold Razorwire

The new line of luxury men's bracelets from Davis Hatcher, born of the intention to create masculine wrist wear that is truly stunning. They are artesian crafted from fine materials and with painstaking attention to detail. Each one of these special pieces was only a dream. It was made real by first spending long hours designing and building custom machines, tools, and refining unique new processes.

In addition, these machines enabled this never before seen wrist art.  Davis Hatcher's pursuit of originality and the authenticity of a true designer is the result. He makes each piece with my hands and these handmade tools in Boulder, Colorado.


In conclusion, Men's Luxury Bracelets is honored and privileged to witness one of the true artists in men's designer bracelets. Like the artist Peter Max and the sculpturer Richard Serra, Davis Hatcher has created a work of art in every piece he creates. Any man wearing a work of art is sure to draw attention to himself.

Browse through the incredible selection of styles available. One of a kind works of art. These inspired pieces were made solely for the pleasure of it. They were made to become lost in the process and forget the passing of time.

Davis Hatcher's line of men's luxury bracelets can be purchased at Men's Luxury Bracelets.

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