Product Review: Seekers Black Leather 24 CT Gold

Product Review: Seekers Black Leather 24 CT Gold

When you look at Seekers Black Leather 24 CT Gold, you will see that there is something unique when mixing gold with leather.  The look and appeal is undeniable.

Seekers has produced an exquisite and chic men's bracelet.  I can only described it as one of the most beautiful hand made men's bracelets I have seen in this niche market.

The look and feel of this wrist bracelet makes you feel like your wearing something much more expensive. At over $300 USD its not something that should be worn out in the garden, but believe me, with a sports jacket or just a rolled up sleeved shirt, you will be sure to catch someone's eye with this beauty.

Seekers is based out of Cordova, Spain when they make the bracelets.  The leather comes from the world-renowned town of Ubrique, just outside Seville. For over 200 years, they have mastered the art of leather crusting and tanning.

The black leather cuff is forged with more than 40 grams of sterling silver that is plated with the highest quality in 24 carats and 5 times thicker than the American standard. A pure gold bracelet would cost in the thousands, but trust me, when you put this baby on, it feels like the real thing.

Another unique feature of this bracelet is you can choose between gold, silver or rodhium, and have a choice of 4 different tones of leather, black, brown, dark brown and camel.

The bracelet is approximately 10mm in width, which can handle even the largest wrist and comes in xs to 2xl size.  Even the inside of the bracelet exudes class and quality.

Fusing handcrafts with the current fashion trends has given Seekers a new look. An insistence on tradition, quality and mission to change men has paved the way for the creation of Seekers Luxury.

The Seekers Black Leather Cuff in 24 CT gold is available at Men's Luxury Check out all the unique and exceptional men's bracelets on our site. That's all we sell, so you don't have to search hundreds of jewelry sites for that special men's accessory.  We probably have it on display at Men's Luxury

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